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David McKernan Java Republic Founder

There Are No Ethics in Coffee

David McKernan, Founder of Java Republic, puts forward his thoughts on ethics in today's coffee industry. I've spent nearly 30 years in the coffee industry. I've seen it grow in Ireland from a boring tea alternative with major health concerns in the Eighties to the most-talked-about and trendy specialist drinks sector on the planet, worth €30bn. Throughout Ireland, a string of corporate coffee houses are engaged in one of the most intense retail fights to secure the dominant position for their [...]

David McKernan - Founder of Java Republic

A Personal Story Surfing The 3 Waves of Coffee & Beyond

Java Republic Founder, David McKernan, has been involved in the Irish coffee industry for longer than he'd care to remember and here at Java Republic we're always pushing him to chronicle the evolution of the Irish coffee industry as seen through his eyes. The below piece tell's David's story as well as bringing you through how Ireland has evolved from an instant coffee drinking nation into a country at the very cusp of coffees exciting evolution. I’ve surfed the three waves of coffee. Now forty-seven years old, I’m [...]

Tom Noonan Dublin City FM

Talking About Java Republic on Dublin City FM

Last week our Marketing Manager, Tom Noonan (above left), chatted to Ronan Kinehan of Vibe Training on the Dublin City FM show The Pursuaders. The show also features Niall Dowling (above right), Strategic Director of Atomic Advertising. You can fast forward to approx 9 minutes in to listen to Tom talk about Java Republic's want to educate the coffee industry, the growth of coffee in Ireland, our desire to always do things as ethically & transparently as possible & how we are [...]

Coffee Cherries

Come Cupping in Colombia

On Saturday the 13th of August let us transport you with the sights, taste & smells of a real coffee farm. Learn about how coffee grows and how it changes from a tiny bush, into a cherry and from the cherry to the coffee bean that we all know and finally into the coffee you drink in your cup. We’ll be tasting & cupping some really great coffees from the region & letting you experience how beans from different farms [...]

Drinking Coffee in Work

Mindfulness via Coffee

Bring zen to your day in the simplest way. All too often we rush through our activities to get to the next task. “Busy” is our new buzzword. On a small scale we are rushing through our daily chores and commitments to get to our all-important leisure time. On a larger scale we are rushing through our working weeks to get to the holidays, or rushing through our career to our retirement years. “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you [...]

Why Drink Green Tea?

Why Drink Green Tea?

Beat your FOMO and “know thyself” If you go around with your nose in your phone, if you need an hourly “ping” reminding you to breathe, if you’re waiting for a wake-up call of a medical emergency before you change your lifestyle, then a green tea habit might just be the thing for you. Taking time to “know thyself” is essential in this fast-paced world. When we are so outwardly focused, checking the weather on our phone before we look out [...]

Organic Green Tea

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green Tea and the Big “C” Made of the same plant as black tea, Camellia sinensis, for green tea the leaves are dried or lightly steamed, not fermented. This retains more of the plants active polyphenols and less caffeine and tannins, giving green tea the upper hand in terms of health benefits. We have all heard of people who got a cancer diagnosis out of the blue; no family history, no prior illnesses, a fairly healthy lifestyle. And we may have [...]

Drinking Coffee in Work

Why Office Coffee

Stay Full of Beans All Day with Java Republic Office Coffee Machine and Delivery. Great coffee at the office saves you and your staff time and money. Get a bespoke coffee rental and delivery package tailored for your workplace needs, and you can enjoy delicious bean-to-cup coffee; a superb selection of teas, and the kind of office culture creativity thrives in. Java Republic make it easy to order, with the very best of hand selected, fresh-roasted beans delivered to your doorstep. Cater for [...]

World of Coffee at the RDS in Dublin 2016

World of Coffee

The Java Journal Watch Out Dublin, Here Comes World of Coffee. One tiny cherry, roughly 10mm wide, is the tiny foundation of our world. A world that serves over 500 billion cups a year. A world that provides employment for hundreds of millions of people throughout the globe. A world organised around the second most sought after commodity. Our world. Our Coffee World is such an impossibly massive thing to behold and there it is, balanced so perfectly upon the tiny [...]

Java Republic Junior Tennis Open Malahide 2016

The Java Republic Junior Tennis Open 2016

The Java Republic Junior Open 2016 takes place this weekend and next at the Malahide Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club. This Class 1 tennis tournament offers a space for Ireland’s next generation of sporting superstars to enjoy a game of strong competitive tennis as well as an opportunity to renew rivalries and friendships with the best players in Ireland in the u12 , u14, u16 and u18 age groups. The tournament is a top tier event in the Irish [...]

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