Barista University


Our Barista University is among the best equipped coffee training facilities in the world. This is where we carry out all of our on site training and the university also doubles up as our tasting room where our Quality Team ensures that each and every blend of Java Republic coffee meets our exacting standards.


Really good espresso can only be made by well-trained baristas. To ensure our coffee is made to the correct standards our clients must commit to a training programme as well as our coffee. It goes without saying but even with the best coffee in the world, you can ruin your reputation in minutes by serving just one bad cup of coffee. That’s why we have a complete programme of service and training to ensure that every coffee that you serve does justice to our award-winning hand roasted coffee beans.

Daily Tasting

First thing every morning in Java Republic we have a ritual. We taste each and every coffee that we roasted the previous day. When tasting our coffees we look at everything from the crema that forms on the espresso to the aromas coming from the freshly brewed blend to the taste profile as the coffee envelops in the mouth. This is the final check in our quality assurance programme and ensures that each and every coffee that leaves our Roastery meets our highest of standards.