Tips for the Best Tea

Tips for the Best Tea

Here is a guide to buying, brewing and enjoying tea

Every leaf that goes into our green & black tea comes from the same camellia Sinensis bush, plucked when green for maximum freshness. The difference in taste comes from how the leaves are processed: whether they are wither, sun dried, pan-fired or steamed. That’s what gives our range of teas their impressive variety of flavours and rich taste.

The taste flavour and character of tea is determined by;

Camellia Sinensis

The Species of the Tea Bush

In our green & black teas we use leaves from the tea plant, the Camellia Sinensis bush, which is native to East, South and South East Asia.

China Tea Fields

The Country of Origin

We mainly use tea grown in China, although it is also cultivated in India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia & Africa.

Tea First Bud

The Type of Harvest

We pluck only the buds and first leaves for the tastiest blends.

Tea Case
The Process

We use fully oxidised leaves for our black tea and semi or un-oxidised ones for our range of green teas. Our range of Herbal Infusions is made up of the finest fruits, flowers and herbs.

Brewing your Speciality Tea

Each of our Speciality Teas should be brewed for a specific length of time. This is to ensure that you are extracting the maximum flavour from every tea pillow. The brew time varies from 2 – 6 minutes depending on the variant and allows you to also yield the maximum number of infusions per pillow.

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