The Only Fresh Office Coffee is from Whole Beans

Fresh Coffee in Ireland

The Only Fresh Office Coffee is from Whole Beans

Office coffee has traditionally had a bad reputation. Too often it consists of beans in jars, made sticky with wet spoons and neglect, or machine-brewed tasteless coffee that passes itself off as ‘fresh’.

Even if your office orders from a coffee distributor, getting pre-ground coffee won’t give you the incomparable flavour you deserve; the only fresh coffee comes from whole roast beans.

Why Whole Coffee Beans?

Great coffee is all about keeping the inherent complexities of the bean intact. Think of freshly-ground spices and how aromatic they are, versus stuff that was ground ages ago and only used periodically.

Java Republic only sell whole beans that are then ground fresh every day for coffee as nature intended – packed full of a symphony of flavours and with heady aromas that drift through the workspace.

Stale drip coffee is not nice, and if you’ve tasted freshly ground coffee the difference is night and day. The core characteristics of the coffee and its flavour profile are quite delicate, so unlocking them from the bean should be a careful process.

What is Fresh Coffee?

There’s a lot of confusion about this – the real definition of fresh has to do with the bean integrity.

Freshness is defined by the amount of carbon dioxide in the cells of the bean, and when we roast coffee beans they come out of the roastery with high levels of carbon dioxide, retaining a distinct flavour profile.

Beans will lose their carbon dioxide gradually over a few weeks, so you shouldn’t allow it to sit around – drink it!

  • Buy coffee beans freshly roasted – all Java Republic coffee has roast dates on it.
  • Store in airtight containers
  • Do not freeze
  • Grind beans as needed just before brewing – the act of grinding the bean increases the surface which releases more carbon dioxide, so buying pre-ground coffee means it will have lost a lot of flavour before you get to brew it.

Easy Ordering when you need it

Java Republic supply freshly roasted whole beans to your office so everyone can enjoy the full flavour of real coffee; ground just before brewing and bursting with taste.

You can choose from a range of coffees and equipment to suit every staff size and budget, as well as delivery dates as you need them and a 24-hour service team.

For further details on office coffee phone our team on 01 880 9300 or email

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