Detox Green Tea

Organic Speciality Tea October 2017

Detox Green Tea

Enjoy the clean, fresh, authentic taste of our new range of Detox Green Teas that contain the finest natural ingredients to help support your bodies normal detox system.

At Java Republic, we want to produce tea that not only tastes superb but is made in the most environmentally sustainable and ethical manner.

Our Tea Is Always Organic

Organic isn’t a choice for us; we believe it’s the only way to produce great tea. The concept is still not widespread in tea producing countries as it takes a significant financial investment from plantations, but we insist on our tea coming from certified organic tea growers. It means that the bushes that produce our tea are grown in soil enriched natural compost, and without the use of pesticides, insecticides, and chemical fungicides. It is better for the wildlife, the farmers and for the taste, so ultimately better for you. Our teas are certified organic by:

Organic Associations

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