White Tea

Organic Speciality Tea October 2017

White Tea

About Our White Tea

Traditionally, White Teas involve very little processing as they only undergo withering & drying processes. They are prized for their delicate flavours & really excel when combined with other ingredients.

Processing Method

Grading – In contrast to many black and green teas that use large leaves rolled into tightly curled spirals, white tea favours fat buds with lots of silvery hairs and thick leaves.
Withering – Fresh leaves are picked and left to wither until moisture content reaches approximately 20%.This can take much longer than other withering methods and can last up to sixty hours.
Rolling – White teas are traditionally not rolled.
Oxidation – No oxidation occurs in the production of white tea.
Firing – Minimal heat is used in the processing of white tea but the leaves do go through a drying process, either on the shelves of a hot air dryer or in bowls or pans over a fire where they are heated gently.

Both of our white teas are the perfect example of combining the gentle flavours of traditional white tea with complimentary flavours such as our Orange Blossom & Honey or Coconut & Almond.

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