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Fresh hand-roasted coffee

Our Most Popular Premium Coffees

All our coffee beans are ethically sourced directly from growers around the world and hand-roasted in The Roastery.


This certified Fairtrade and organic coffee is bold and big bodied. It combines notes of roasted hazelnut and hints of sweet raspberry with a dark chocolate finish.

60% Mexico | 40% Peru

€28.00 (1kg Bag) Shop Now


Munkey starts with creamy, chocolatey notes that give way to a sense of black cherries before finishing with a nutty aftertaste.

60% Honduras | 30% Brazil | 10% Sumatra

€6.50 – €26.00 Shop Now

Colombia La Esperanza

This competition-winning coffee is a meticulous cross of a self-pollinated selection from Caturra x Caturra, Timer Hybrid, and Ethiopian landrace varietals.

Limited-edition single-origin coffee from Colombia

€12.99 Shop Now
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Our Bestselling Organic Teas

All our 100% Organic Teas will provide a unique and intense flavour experience.

Peppermint Organic Herbal Infusion Tea

One of our best-selling tea. It’s cool, crisp and cold undertones make this a truly delicious drinking experience that is bright and fresh.

€7.26 Shop Now

Yunnan Organic Green Tea

This was one of the first organic teas we chose for our range. Fruity and fresh with a sweet after-taste, this mild tea has a very soft profile which makes it perfect for those who are looking for something with just a hint of caffeine.

€7.26 Shop Now

Jasmine Organic Green Tea

Enjoy a high-quality experience with this much loved drink, which was one of the first ever flavoured teas worldwide. It is light, with a delicious floral aroma which invites you to immerse yourself in the scent of fresh jasmine blossom.

€7.26 Shop Now
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Our Home Barista Equipment

Enjoy the full barista experience with your family and friends at home.


The beautiful Chemex coffee maker brews 6 cups of coffee in one go.

€65.00 Shop Now

Aeropress Starter Home Barista Pack

Aeropress Home Barista Pack

Aeropress Home Barista Pack

€85.00 Shop Now

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

Brew excellent coffee at home with the Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder.

€169.00 Shop Now
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