Our Story

Our Story

David-McK-01At Java Republic we love great coffee and tea. And we love doing it our way.
Ever since David McKernan founded the business in 1998, our philosophy has been simple. It’s about making something natural taste truly amazing whilst always ensuring that everything we do is completely transparent and adheres to the highest ethical standards. That means caring about the origin of our tea and coffee and the people behind it all. From our farmers and our roasters, to our van drivers and trainers, to our coffee experts and artists, the Java Republic team live every moment of it. Their story is our story, that’s the way it’s always been.

We started out with a dream to bring fresh, hand-roasted coffee to everyone. Fast forward a couple of decades and we’re still hand roasting the best coffee. But we’ve now got a range of superb organic teas, the best equipment in the business and great local people on the ground giving the best service. Our training is accredited internationally and delivered by a team that can’t wait to get up in the morning to share our mantra.

We’ve met great friends along the way and are proud to supply some of the best cafés, hotels, restaurants and corporate brands out there. We’ve always done it our way and for us that means respecting every part of the process. We spend time with the people who make it all happen. We get to know the families, their lives, their business. It’s their stories that matter – we’re nothing without them.

We don’t mess with something natural, we let it speak for itself. Our coffee is hand-roasted by people, not machines. Our teas are 100% organic. No pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. And you can taste the difference, right from the source to the very first sip.

We’ve always strived to push the boundaries of success and our efforts have been rewarded on occasion winning numerous Awards.

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