Java Republic KeepCups

Many small changes together can make a huge difference.


We are delighted to bring you our new Java Republic branded KeepCups. Convenient, stylish and easy to clean, KeepCups are a fantastic way for you to join us in our drive for sustainability. Not only that, but we will offer you a 30c discount in our cafe’s when you order a drink in a Java Republic KeepCup!

Now available to all of our customers and partners.


Compostable Cups

100% Compostable and Biodegradable

When you order a takeaway coffee in our cafés, we will only serve it to you in one of our compostable cups. They are also available to all our customers and partners. They are a key part of our ongoing sustainability plan, helping us to reduce our general waste to landfill year-on-year.


Reusable Cups

We recently brought out our own reusable cup which is available to order or to purchase in both our cafés.

We offer a 20c discount on tea and coffee if someone asks for it in a reusable cup (regardless of whether or not it is a Java Republic one).


Carbon Neutral

We work hard to ensure and protect our carbon neutrality status each and every year.

In 2008 we installed our energy cabin. This is a containerised wood pellet boiler which provides all of our hot water and heating for the building.

Since 2011 Java Republic is a proudly Carbon Neutral company. We were the first Carbon Neutral Roastery in the world. Every year we engage in different projects worldwide that help combat global climate change and support local communities.



We give away our hessian sacks free to customers for school projects, council projects, garden centres and more.

We bag our coffee grinds (5 tonnes each year) and offer them free to the public to use in gardens as a natural fertiliser and slug repellent. In addition to this, 100% of our coffee chaff goes to compost.


Raw Material Sourcing

We have reduced our tea and coffee packaging by switching from 500g bags to 1kg foil bags and we save an average of 7,894 metres of foil per year.

By switching from our larger green tea boxes, to our fully recyclable white boxes, we save an average of 5,000 kgs of cardboard per year.


Social Sustainability

Giving back to communities is vital.


Our ethos, which forms the backbone of everything we do, is Coffee with a Conscience.

Our newest blend is sourced directly from Rwandan farmers. We support the Rwandan community by paying the contributions of the farmers we get our coffee beans from to the national health insurance scheme.

We also support local communities and charities. Examples include our involvement in the Java Republic Junior Tennis Open and our work with the Carline Learning Centre.