Tailored Coffee Solutions for Hospitality Services 


The Challenge

Coffee is a crucial element of hospitality. Whether you’re catering to a private company or a public hospital, to a corporate event or a concert hall, we know you need to deliver a top-notch experience that’s hassle-free for you and your customers.

The Solution

Java Republic can work with you to create the right solution for every environment and for each situation. More importantly, we can add the ‘wow’ factor that sets your offer apart from the competition and helps you win business.

We can start this journey with an unforgettable tasting experience at our Roastery. Your prospective clients can watch our master hand-roasters at work and choose their own unique coffee blend. Or we can show them our stunning cafés at our Roastery or on Molesworth Street. This will show your customers what a true coffee experience is like when staffed by highly skilled and expertly trained baristas.

Whether your contract calls for a simple brew based coffee solution, bean to cup machines or classic espresso equipment, we’ll help you offer your clients consistently excellent quality. And because we have a countrywide network of local experts and service teams, we are always there for you if you need an urgent delivery or a service call.

Some of our Catering Partners…

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Dublin Airport

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