Barista Intermediate

This is a perfect course for those who already have basic experience in espresso brewing technique. For those seeking to move barista skills to a more advanced level and improve speed & quality to produce premium drinks. After the barista intermediate course students will have a much better and deeper understanding of the impact that they have on their produced drink. This two day course will bring about a huge respect for the simple coffee bean and its process.

Please select a date:

6th & 7th April

The main objectives include:

  • Understanding the components of blends, processing methods, bean quality and its differences
  • Efficiency and speed of good managed work spaces
  • Deep knowledge of Strength & Extraction of the brew
  • Controlling the variables that affect the brew
  • How to read the Flavour Wheel and describe flavour of the espresso
  • Milk and its components – importance of quality and proteins within milk
  • Fast and consistent steaming technique – correct use of tools to ensure speed and efficiency
  • Latte art using a free pour method – different styles
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