Barista Professional Course

Designed to introduce advanced skills and detailed knowledge of the science behind the processes used and expected from a professional barista. After this course students should have a detailed understanding of drink ingredients and of the techniques available to maximise quality.

If you are looking to deliver excellent customer service as well as improve management skills to ensure a high standard of drinks made – this course is for you*.

*Please note that the Barista Intermediate course must be successfully completed before you can be eligible for the Professional course.

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The main objectives include:

  • Chemistry behind the bean, density, moisture and its factor
  • Understanding different roasting profiles, cupping and evaluating the various levels of roasts with detailed descriptions
  • Grinder/blade styles including advantages and disadvantages
  • Espresso brewing chart use and understanding
  • The inter-relationship of the various extraction parameters and their effects
  • Milk techniques and consistency of producing microfoam
  • Understanding problems of other baristas and ability to support them
  • Café layout that ensures speed and efficiency, good workflow and smooth customer traffic