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Barista Training

Our Barista University is among the best equipped coffee training centres you’ll ever see. This is where we carry out all our on-site training. We also use this facility as our tasting room – where our Quality Team ensures that each and every blend of Java Republic coffee meets our exacting standards.

We have proudly been awarded the title of Premier Training Campus by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). We are delighted to be the first Irish roasting company to receive this certification.

The SCA promotes excellence in quality coffee, and only awards Premier Training Campus status to facilities that consistently meet all requirements set out by the programme and demonstrate a calibrated teaching environment to teach within specified standards.

Really good espresso can only be made by well-trained baristas. To ensure our coffee is made to the best possible standards, we ask our clients commit to a training programme. Even with the best coffee beans, you can ruin your reputation by serving just one bad cup of coffee. That’s why we have a complete programme of service and training to ensure that every coffee that you serve does justice to our award-winning, hand-roasted coffee beans.


SCA Courses

At Java Republic, education is at the heart of everything we do. We know that providing a world-class training programme helps ensure that every cup of coffee is served right.

We offer a range of Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCA) accredited courses, including a pathway to their prestigious Coffee Diploma. This means our training is measured against the highest possible industry standards for coffee education.

Our SCA Authorised Trainers (AST) deliver a range of courses to suit everyone. We can help staff approaching the coffee machine for the first time, or more experienced baristas looking to further their skill base. We can even help head baristas take their career to the recognised professional standards.

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