Take a Coffee Break

8 Reasons Coffee Improves Office Culture

Life is too short to hate going into work. Money is rarely peoples’ primary motivator; instead it’s about feeling valued and getting a kick out of what you do for a living. The atmosphere and culture in an office has a key role to play in how people feel about going to work, and there’s plenty of evidence that suggests taking a coffee break at work is about more than just good coffee. The interaction that occurs as a tasty cup [...]

Office Coffee Solutions Ireland

When is the Right Time to Drink Office Coffee?

A good coffee machine at the office provides a little luxury for your daily grind (pardon the pun). But when is the right time to drink that delicious cup of flavour, and when does it lean toward adverse effects? In the last several years it has become evident that the health benefits of coffee are provable, desirable and comprehensive. However, knowing when to drink coffee at work will have a positive effect on your day without interfering with a good night’s rest [...]

Fresh Coffee in Ireland

The Only Fresh Office Coffee is from Whole Beans

Office coffee has traditionally had a bad reputation. Too often it consists of beans in jars, made sticky with wet spoons and neglect, or machine-brewed tasteless coffee that passes itself off as ‘fresh’. Even if your office orders from a coffee distributor, getting pre-ground coffee won’t give you the incomparable flavour you deserve; the only fresh coffee comes from whole roast beans. Why Whole Coffee Beans? Great coffee is all about keeping the inherent complexities of the bean intact. Think of freshly-ground [...]

Coffee At Work in Ireland

5 Reasons to Have Java Republic Coffee in your Office

It doesn’t matter how big or small your office is – if you provide a great work environment, you’ll get the best out of your people. Free coffee is expected these days, but there’s a big difference between a jar of dusty old granules and delicious fresh coffee. Aside from the obvious disparity in quality, providing great coffee has several benefits that no manager should ignore. Increased Productivity If your team can get gorgeous fresh coffee on-site, they won’t have to ‘pop [...]

Maja's Latte Art

Irish Latte Art Championship: Maja’s Story

My experiences at the Irish Latte Art Championship have been nothing short of amazing! So much work and preparation goes into this one day: training late, putting in hours after work, sleepless nights, even tears! All for the chance to perform with some of the best baristas in the country. I first fell in love with latte art when I created my very first rosetta a long time ago, but I never had anyone to guide me, correct my mistakes [...]

Renata Coffee Blog

Renata Malyszko: My Coffee Journey

Often I get asked, “How did you get started in coffee Renata?” Coffee was never an interest of mine until 2011 when I was working as a waitress in Bewley’s on Grafton Street, and I was asked to be a barista in their newly opened coffee shop. At the time, I didn’t know how to turn on a coffee machine, and I didn’t even drink coffee, so you can imagine how unenthusiastic I was to become a barista! However, [...]

Why Java Republic is Leading the way in Coffee Education in Ireland

A good few years ago when I was starting my coffee adventure I discovered that the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) Coffee Diploma System was the path to follow and feed my hunger for a greater knowledge of coffee.  After becoming the first person in Ireland to achieve the Full Coffee Diploma, I’ve decided to become an Authorised SCAE Trainer, (one of the first in the country also), to be able to give to others what was given [...]

Vini Arruda

Vini’s Blog: Barista Camp, Estonia 2016

I’m just back from the Barista Camp of Europe 2016, and I still feel such joy from this amazing experience. This is the third year that the incredible team from the Barista Guild of Europe (BGE), along with the support of SCAE, EventHaus and others, made it happen. This time it was held in a cute little town called Parnu in Estonia. I’ve been involved helping as an Authorised SCAE Trainer since the very first year of the camp, but this [...]

David McKernan Java Republic Founder

There Are No Ethics in Coffee

David McKernan, Founder of Java Republic, puts forward his thoughts on ethics in today's coffee industry. I've spent nearly 30 years in the coffee industry. I've seen it grow in Ireland from a boring tea alternative with major health concerns in the Eighties to the most-talked-about and trendy specialist drinks sector on the planet, worth €30bn. Throughout Ireland, a string of corporate coffee houses are engaged in one of the most intense retail fights to secure the dominant position for their [...]

David McKernan - Founder of Java Republic

A Personal Story Surfing The 3 Waves of Coffee & Beyond

Java Republic Founder, David McKernan, has been involved in the Irish coffee industry for longer than he'd care to remember and here at Java Republic we're always pushing him to chronicle the evolution of the Irish coffee industry as seen through his eyes. The below piece tell's David's story as well as bringing you through how Ireland has evolved from an instant coffee drinking nation into a country at the very cusp of coffees exciting evolution. I’ve surfed the three waves of coffee. Now forty-seven years old, I’m [...]

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