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Dublin is crowned as Europe’s Coffee Capital

Dublin is Europe’s coffee capital, according to a survey done by Each Night.

After finishing second in 2021, the fair city has returned to capture the title. Dublin now tops cities such as Lisbon, Amsterdam, and Rome.

This study was based on the number of cafés per million people. With a population of 525,383, Dublin has 232 cafés, therefore there are 441.53 cafés per million inhabitants.

Europe appears to have the best coffee in the world, with eight of the top ten capital cities being in Europe: Bern, Paris, Prague, Lisbon, Helsinki, and Copenhagen, with Dublin and Amsterdam featuring in the top 10.

The runners up include:

Athens: 397.56 cafés per million people ( population of 664,046)

Prague: 335.56 cafés per million people (population of 1,335,084)

London: 1,585 cafés per million people (population of 8,961,989)

Jasmin Lee, who conducted this study for Each Night, commented that coffee is a daily necessity for many people, and this data gives an idea of which European cities can’t get through the day without it, with many smaller cities seemingly consuming the most. She continued, it’s fascinating to see how varied the top ten entries are and that Italy, the pioneer of the Espresso machine, does not even sit in the top three.

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Sources: District Magazine

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