V60 Brew Guide

V60 Brew Guide

V60 Dripper WhiteWhen it comes to brewing coffee we take things very seriously. That’s why we want you to be able to brew the perfect cup at home. You can buy everything you need in our Home Barista shop HERE & you’ll find a full step by step for how to make the perfect V60 below. Remember coffee is all about personal taste so play around a bit to find out what suits you best!

Get The Grind Right

Before you start make sure you have your grinder set to the correct grind size. For V60 the grind should be somewhere around the consistency of fine salt.
JR V60 Grind Guide

Step 1

The water will need to be just off the boil (around 92-96 C), so leave it to stand cooling for a couple of minutes after it is boiled. While you’re waiting,  rinse the filter paper with the boiling water, and warm your cup up.

Step 2

You should grind coarser than you would for an espresso but finer than you would for a French press – a medium grind. Over time, you can experiment and find the ideal grind for your taste, but a grind that fills your cup in two and a half minutes is a good start.

Step 3

Place ground beans straight into the filter paper. The cone should be positioned either just above, or directly on top of, your cup.

Step 4

To filter the coffee properly, pour in only a small amount of water to begin with, ensuring all the coffee is wet. Leave it to soak through for about 30 – 40 seconds. This will allow the water to soak the grounds all the way to the bottom of the filter, where they can adjust themselves into a perfect little bed for extraction.

Step 5

Pour slowly in a circular motion to cover all the grounds, just so you raise the coffee bed a centimetre or two. Now pour carefully in the centre, maintaining the height of the coffee bed until you’ve added enough to fill the cup. There shouldn’t be too much liquid left in the bed of coffee when the cup is full. Enjoy!

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