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At Java Republic quality is at the forefront of everything we do.

A lot of coffee companies talk about quality control – but it’s just a meaningless phrase if your product isn’t backed up with real expertise. At Java Republic, we invest a great deal of time and money in hand roasting some of the world’s finest coffee beans. That’s why we work to maintain our standards right up to the point where you serve our coffee to your customers.

Our quest for quality starts with the best possible beans, and then continues with our unique hand roasting process. But we don’t stop there, our quality control doesn’t end with the roast: to ensure that your customers get the best possible coffee, we pursue a better-than-best practice policy right up the point where your customers enjoy our coffee.

The root of this process is a simple ritual called ‘cupping’: when our master roasters have finished handcrafting each of the individual roasts needed for our signature blends, we taste each and every blend.

The coffee is then packed, dated and distributed to you in a matter of days. The date-roasting information on each pack is our guarantee of freshness – and a useful tool for you to ensure that you use our coffee in date order. This maintains the freshness of each cup you serve, and maintains that unique Java Republic taste.

If you want to experience the ritual of ‘cupping’ for yourself, come out to our Roastery. We’re open about what goes into our coffee, and we would love you to see just how much care we take when assessing the quality of our hand roasts.