A blend for every moment

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We are as passionate about
tea as we are about coffee

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A flavour for everyone

Discover a feast for the senses. Our range of 24 exclusively blended organic tea has been carefully developed to take you on a journey

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Tea for your business

Create vital moments for wellness and reflection with our bespoke ranges of tea. We craft the perfect experiences for your customers in every blend.

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“There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life”

Lin Yutang

Our teas are sustainable

Our beautiful silken tea pillows are 100% organic and contain 2-3 grams of 100% real-leaf tea in every pillow. The pillow is then packed in a biodegradable envelope to maintain freshness and aroma.

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…and you can taste quality in every drop

All our blends are ethically sourced using only the finest ingredients.  We never compromise on our taste.

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