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We are as passionate about tea as we are about coffee. And it shows.

We offer the widest range of tea pillows – not just in Ireland but in the world. Our ingredients are 100% organic. Our leaves are handpicked. Our fruit, herbs and spices are sourced ethically. Our legendary tea pillows are miniature marvels. They’re hand-stitched and filled with 100% organic real-leaf teas. This creates an incredible drinking experience every time – bursting with flavour that lasts long past the first cup.

All of this means we can maximise piquancy, taste and flavour to delight even the most demanding tea lovers.

Black Teas
Green Teas
Herbal Teas & Tisane Infusions
White Teas
Oolong Teas

Black Tea

Black teas are fully oxidised teas and are rumoured to have been discovered by chance in the 17th century after a shipment of green tea from China to London had fermented in transit. The English are said to have been very taken with the unexpected delivery and immediately ordered an additional shipment. The world of black tea was born.


Green Tea

Our comprehensive range of 18 green teas offers something for everyone from pure green teas such as the delicately tasting Tie Guan Yin to our big and bold Extra Green Detox with hints of ginger & peppermint. We also offer a range of exclusive and highly sought after Japanese green teas – Genmaicha Miyazaki, Sencha & Gyokuro.


Herbal Infusions

Our range of 10 herbal infusions comprises 9 caffeine-free options with only the South American Yerba Maté containing caffeine. From our pure peppermint leaf to Marrakesh’s Pure Lemon Verbena to our sumptuous Blood Orange fruit infusion, you are sure to find a tea that you fall in love with.


White Tea

Traditionally, White Teas involve very little processing as they only undergo withering
& drying processes. They are prized for their delicate flavours & really excel when combined with other ingredients. Both of our white teas are the perfect example of combining the gentle flavours of traditional white tea with complimentary flavours such as our Orange Blossom & Honey or Coconut & Almond.


Oolong Tea

Oolong tea, otherwise known as Wu Long or “Blue-green” tea, is a family of tea that falls in between oxidised green tea and fully oxidised black tea. Oolong teas undergo a combination of the green tea and black tea processing methods as they are withered, oxidised & fired before being rolled, dried and packed.