Coffee with a Conscience

Coffee with a Conscience

Ethical Sourcing

At Java Republic we roast coffee by hand and have an obsession with quality. We source our grade 1 Arabica beans under Coffee with a Conscience which forms part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.

Our commitment to ethical trade ensures that we only buy coffee from recognised ethical traders and directly from sustainable farms and co-operatives.

The people who grow our ingredients whether coffee, tea, cocoa or sugar – are our partners in excellence.

Supporting Coffee Growing Communities

We were the first European Coffee Company to support Coffee Kids. The organisation works to create education, health care, micro-credit and community-based programmes for coffee farmers and their families, allowing them to reduce their dependence on coffee and to confront the most pressing community needs. What is fascinating is, as every coffee-growing community is unique, every project is unique – and each project is chosen, managed and evaluated by coffee-growing families themselves. Find out more about Coffee Kids.

Coffee Origin Trips

Coffee Transparency

At Java Republic we believe in being open with everything that we do.That’s why we are happy to share our purchase price for our coffee. If you’d like to know  more about our coffee purchasing please contact us at and you can see the daily coffee commodity price HERE

A Carbon Neutral Company

Carbin Neutral Company

We believed that the environment and the day to day running of our business would be better served by building the world’s first purpose built, carbon neutral coffee roastery. So in September 2008 we moved into our new carbon neutral headquarters, The Roastery.

A vital part of our Carbon Neutral Strategy has been the installation on site of an Energy Cabin. The unit operates on a carbon neutral basis as its main fuel (wood pellets) produces bioenergy.

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