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Coffee with
a Conscience

Every republic, at its core, is founded on freedom, respect and equality.

From the first beans we ordered, we’ve worked hard to bring the benefits of our success to the people who grow our coffee beans. We also support the communities that enjoy our coffee here in Ireland. We are passionate about our environment and sustainability. We built the world’s first purpose-built carbon neutral Roastery, and we spend real money to buy carbon credits from developing countries.

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Carbon Clear

Since 2011 Java Republic is a proudly Carbon Neutral company & we are involved with a Carbon Clear in Indonesia.

They invest in carbon reductions in developing countries removing a measurable amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere or preventing the initiation of these emissions at source.

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Origin Trips

From the first beans we bought nearly 20 years ago, Java Republic has done more than most to connect with the farmers and families who cultivate and harvest our coffee beans.


As part of this promise, we make regular trips to see for ourselves how and where our coffee grows. These trips are hard work – but they tell a powerful story about the harsh reality of coffee farming, and the extraordinary lengths our farmers go to for your daily fix of caffeine.