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Benefits of a Bean to Cup Machine

Why Choose a Bean to Cup Machine for your office?


Every employer should recognise the need for providing coffee on-site to your employees. Office coffee trends show that offering your staff coffee at work can have numerous benefits, including everything from helping people to cope with stress, to enhancing work productivity.

Where do you start however? If you are going to provide coffee to your staff, you need to do it right. Do you choose an espresso machine, and train your staff to use it? Or do you opt for an automatic Bean to Cup machine? Both have benefits of their own, and both are great options, depending on your needs.

Bean to Cup machines are becoming ever more popular, and for good reason. There are a number of key benefits that they have, and as a result can fit seamlessly into your work environment.


1. Price Flexibility


There is a great amount of flexibility that comes with a Bean to Cup machine when it comes to cost. It may not be the cheapest option, but by paying that bit extra you will get a high quality coffee experience.

However, to help you align with your budget, there are a number of options available to you:

a) Rental or Purchase

If purchasing a Bean to Cup machine doesn’t suit your budget right now, you can choose a rental option. This will also allow you to test the value of the product and you can see for yourself just how important providing quality coffee to your employees is.

b) Optional Extras

A lot of Bean to Cup machines will come with “optional extras”. So you only pay extra if it suits you and your budget. Some possible extras include Integrated Fridge Systems, Coin Acceptors, Video Screens on some models, variations in number of drink options, cup sizes and more.


2. Quality Consistency


If operated correctly, an espresso machine will produce the best quality cup of coffee. However, achieving this is all dependent on the individual skill of the barista. While this is no doubt achievable through proper training, a more consistent option for offices in this regard is often the Bean to Cup machine.

In terms of quality, the coffee produced is superb. A Bean to Cup machine will extract the fullest flavour possible from your coffee beans, providing you with freshly ground coffee within seconds. The machine does all the work for you, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not the quality will be good.



3. Size Variety


All offices should be able to benefit from the wonderful offering of a Bean to Cup machine. Whether you are a small office of 20 people, or a large corporation with hundreds of staff, there are numerous options to suit your needs. For example, if you have a small office, there is no point in you paying for a machine that can produce hundreds of cups daily. At Java Republic, we can offer you machines that range in capabilities from 50 cups per day, right up to 450 cups per day.


4. Convenience


When customers come to us asking about coffee machines, one of their key concerns is convenience. We understand that employers are concerned about productivity levels and efficiency, therefore want the most convenient option possible. For this, we always recommend the Bean to Cup option. Not only is it convenient in terms of ease of use (simply press a button and voila!), but it is also easy to clean and is efficient in terms of its compactness. With grinding and extraction built into the machines, there is no need for you to have additional units cluttering up your valuable office space.


Interested? You can see our full Bean to Cup machine range on our website, or give us a call on 01 880 9300 to discuss your needs further.