When is the Right Time to Drink Office Coffee?

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When is the Right Time to Drink Office Coffee?

A good coffee machine at the office provides a little luxury for your daily grind (pardon the pun).

But when is the right time to drink that delicious cup of flavour, and when does it lean toward adverse effects?

In the last several years it has become evident that the health benefits of coffee are provable, desirable and comprehensive.

However, knowing when to drink coffee at work will have a positive effect on your day without interfering with a good night’s rest or making you feel anxious, and it’s all in the timing.

Coffee and Alertness at Work

One of the primary effects of caffeine on the brain is as a stimulant. It will also increase dopamine levels and makes you feel good.

This is because dopamine is a neurotransmitter that activates the pleasure centers of your brain. Your body likes that, which is one of the reasons coffee makes you feel happy and alert.

If you drinks lots of coffee and stop suddenly, you can find yourself feeling a bit tired or even depressed, which makes you crave even more coffee.

This is why timing your coffee consumption makes sense – it’s ideal for keeping you on form throughout the day, but will interfere with your sleep pattern if you take it too late at night.

The half-life of coffee is thought to be about 6 hours or so; meaning if you have a cup at 4pm in the afternoon you’ll still have some left in your system by 10pm.

Caffeine affects different people in different ways; for some this has no impact at all, but for others the blocking of the adenosine receptors stops them from being able to fall into deep sleep.

Coffee Rituals before 4pm

Everyone will find their own inner timetable for coffee tolerance in the late afternoon and evening – some can drink it after dinner without any impact on their sleep at all.

If you are lucky enough to have great coffee at work, getting in a bit early to take the time to brew fresh beans gives you an enjoyable morning ritual and lets you gear up for the day ahead.

Freshly roasted whole beans mean your coffee is packed full of flavour; nothing like the murky dark waters of stagnant instant or old ground coffee. Start the day right, and help yourself to freshly brewed coffee, enjoying the opportunity to have a chat with colleagues.

Stop the post-lunch slump

Many people feel like a good snooze after lunch, particularly if it was carb-heavy meal. Occupational psychologists say to never schedule an important meeting right after lunch for this very reason – attention span and efficacy are impacted by the drop in blood sugars after a lunchtime spike.

Great coffee provides a delicious boost in the early afternoon; combats fatigue and gives people a second wind when they need it.

The times you enjoy your coffee are up to you – but knowing there’s an excellent choice on hand in the office makes life easy. Java Republic are the masters of great coffee, supplying only the best in roasted whole beans for the freshest taste.

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