Our Company Values

Our Company Values

It is our mission in life to delight coffee & tea lovers everywhere

We are passionate about coffee and tea from crop to cup. Our team’s expertise, passion and conscientiousness go into every pack. Our coffee is slow hand roasted in the world’s first carbon neutral Roastery, here in Dublin, Ireland by our dedicated and expert roasters. No other commercial roaster can match their care and expertise, resulting in a hand roasted coffee that delivers superior taste. Likewise, our range of award winning Speciality Teas are expertly blended and hand stitched in our silken tea pillows. This 100% organic, 100% biodegradable range offers the best tasting tea you will find.

Our Vision

It is our vision to deliver the best coffee & tea experience on the planet.

A lofty vision you will agree, but something that our team strives for every day! We believe in offering our staff, growers, customers and consumers the best coffee and tea experience on the planet. We are constantly looking for ways to improve your coffee and tea experience, from sourcing the best Grade 1 Arabica coffee beans and 100% whole leaf tea, to roasting and blending our coffees. We believe that training is paramount in creating the perfect cup and so we also offer baristas an education platform in the art of presenting consistent perfection to the consumer. We are passionate about every step of the process, obsessive even, and relentless in striving to achieve our vision.

Our Values


We are passionate about coffee and tea. We want to deliver the best coffee and tea experience on the planet and we drive each other everyday to make this happen. This is a vocation, not a job.


We strive to be the experts in the sourcing, preparation and serving of coffee and tea. We bring unparalleled experience, knowledge and dedication to every aspect of the process.


We work with a clear moral responsibility to treat all our staff and partner communities with respect and fair play. We are conscientious in our work too, demanding the highest standards of one and other, of our work and of our products.

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