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Java Republic host a Latte Art Throwdown for Rwanda

Latte Art Throwdown

You’re surrounded by baristas, the dice has just been thrown, and you’re telling yourself: I do this every day at the coffee shop, but why can’t my hand stop shaking. Let the games begin!

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Last week, we threw an incredible Latte Art Throwdown in aid of Rwandan coffee farmers to support our intention of giving back to our coffee producers and suppliers. And what a night it was –20+ participants, 3 acclaimed judges and over €800 raised for coffee farmers!
And now, you might be thinking…what is a Latte Art Throwdown? Simply put: they’re a coffee event where baristas compete, head to head, to pour their best latte art in front of judges. We have a special latte art dice, and once that’s thrown, the barista has to recreate that design with only a jug, milk and a coffee machine – sounds easy, right? Think again!
On top of being a fantastic way of raising needed funds for Rwanda, the events are also an excellent way of bringing the coffee community together and showcasing their fantastic skills. With the burgeoning coffee culture in Dublin, we wanted to create an event that was creative and fun for both our customers and supporters.
It was an incredibly fun night with lots of laughter and fun, so check out the highlights below and make sure to join us at our next one!