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Take a Coffee Break

8 Reasons Coffee Improves Office Culture

Life is too short to hate going into work. Money is rarely peoples’ primary motivator; instead it’s about feeling valued and getting a kick out of what you do for a living.

The atmosphere and culture in an office has a key role to play in how people feel about going to work, and there’s plenty of evidence that suggests taking a coffee break at work is about more than just good coffee.

The interaction that occurs as a tasty cup of fresh coffee is being brewed and enjoyed is a major benefit to the office culture in general, and is a great way to dilute workplace stress – and we have quite enough of that, thank you!

Key Improvements Coffee makes to Office Culture

  1. Allows people to pause and reflect
  2. Encourages socialisation with colleagues
  3. Becomes integral part of office culture
  4. Allows problem sharing and solving
  5. Becomes a positive ritual during the workday
  6. Encourages spontaneous meetings between people who might not otherwise interact in the workplace hierarchy
  7. Provides a chance to discuss issues ‘offstage’, away from clients or management
  8. Often spawns creative solutions and original thinking

Studies indicate coffee breaks help with coping strategies at work

A number of studies have demonstrated the importance of being able to take a step back from work to interact with fellow employees.

One such study in Denmark focused on a group of workers after a large and vital company merger, when they were a bit uptight and exhausted from speculation as to what would happen to their division (they worked in the Danish Public System… possibly a bit of a purgatory and certainly a stressful environment.

It found that the staff formed ‘communities of coping’ to help relieve stress and share both professional concerns and information, as well as any personal frustrations. The informal venue created by having a coffee area at work allows people to take a much-needed time out to download whatever is on their mind.

Dr. Stroebaek from the University of Copenhagen explained that far from being a threat to productivity, coffee breaks actually have “important social, and potentially monetary, value for organisations. Coffee breaks should be treated as communal practices that allow communities of coping to develop.”

Coffee allows conversation

‘Let’s grab a coffee’ is often a coded way of saying ‘Let’s have a chat’ – this can be a great way to informally discuss a concern outside of the more rigid forum of a meeting, as well as a way for people to bounce ideas off one another.

Most importantly it allows staff to clear their mental decks somewhat; to chat about what’s going on in their lives or issues they feel strongly about. It also provides a social forum to catch up with fellow workers and form closer bonds with the people they work with.

Ideally, these conversations can happen in the break rooms and corridors of the workplace, so providing people access to excellent coffee means they don’t have to leave the building or formally ask someone else to go with them.

How to get what you need for your office

Having quality coffee in-house allows for spontaneous, natural breaks without making a big deal of putting on a coat and running down the street to a café.

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