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International Coffee Day

Celebrate coffee on the 1st of October 2022

Coffee lovers rejoice, International Coffee Day is right around the corner! 

What is it?

International Coffee Day is a celebration of the coffee industry from the farmers to the roasters, the baristas, the coffee shop owners and of course, the coffee lovers. The day is celebrated with the aim of educating people on the effort that goes into each and every cup of coffee. By celebrating, you are recognising the hard work of millions of farmers and the lengths they go for producing coffee beans. Every society and nation have a different way of cultivating, preparing, brewing and drinking coffee. Look at your cup of coffee and celebrate it! 

The history… 

Let’s start off with the history of coffee, it is believed that coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia around the 700s AD. A farmer noticed that his herd of goats were acting strange after they ate what looked like red beans nearby. The goats were full of energy and almost looked like they were dancing. The farmer shared his findings with local monks. One historical story claims the monks refused and threw the beans into the fire, thus introducing them to the pleasing aroma of coffee roasting. And the rest they say, is history! 

As the years progressed, coffee became more widely available throughout the world and was known by many different names including “Mocha” and “Wine of Araby”. During the 15th century, coffee houses began to appear and by the 16th century, coffee houses were all over Europe.  

The International Coffee Organisation (ICO) was established in London in 1963. In 2014, they declared International Coffee Day as an opportunity to celebrate coffee and raise awareness for coffee growers worldwide. 

How you can celebrate 

Let’s give some extra love to one of the world’s favourite drinks. Here’s how you can celebrate:  

  1. Expand your coffee knowledge and learn more about the coffee farmers. Java Republic go on coffee origin trips to meet the people behind the coffee beans that we source. Our trips are centred around supporting these farmers and building long-lasting relationships with them. Over the years, we have visited coffee farmers in Rwanda, Costa Rica and Colombia. We share insights from our origin trips here.  
  2. Be your own barista. Learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home. Experiment by using a French Press, Chemex, V60 or an Aeropress. Once you’ve perfected your coffee order, snap a picture and upload to your social media channels. Don’t forget to tag us, here are our handles: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  
  3. Take a friend out for coffee and switch up your usual coffee order. From September 21st – September 30th in our Ballycoolin and Molesworth Street Café, we will have our limited edition, single origin coffee available for our customers to order or buy a bag of this premium coffee. This coffee from Costa Rica will be 10% off – so whatever your order; espresso, cappuccino, americano, flat white – ask for our guest origin coffee and you’ll get 10% off your coffee order.  
  4. Treat yourself! We have our limited edition Costa Rican coffee available on our online store. PLUS, from Friday September 30th to October 2nd, we are celebrating International Coffee Day with 10% off all online coffee orders. Use code COFFEE10 at checkout.

Hand holding our International Coffee Day limited edition, single origin coffee from Costa Rica

Espresso your love for coffee and celebrate International Coffee Day this year!