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Introducing Our Latest Single Origin Coffee Honduras RMC

Single origin speciality coffee from Honduras

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This Single Origin Coffee is made with Passion and Dedication

At Java Republic, coffee is our passion. From freshly hand-roasting the most premium coffee each and every day, to constantly hunting down new ideas and trends, when it comes to innovation, we don’t stop! That is why each year we try out new speciality coffees, new blends, and new ideas. We do this because it is what we love doing, but more importantly, we do it because we want to bring the best to you, our customer.

Most recently, we have sourced a single origin speciality coffee from Honduras. This coffee resonated with us, not just because of its premium taste, but because of the cause that it supports.

Honduras RMC is produced through a sustainability programme called Recuperando mi Cafetal. This programme supports coffee-producing families in Honduras through the recovery of 84 hectares of coffee that were lost to the Leaf Rust Epidemic.

Leaf Rust

Coffee Leaf Rust is a disease that can infect coffee plants worldwide and is widespread because it is carried in water, rain and in the air. When infected, yellow or orange spots appear on the plant. Eventually, the tree will not be able to photosynthesise and will lose all of its leaves, along with the ability to produce coffee beans. The consequences of leaf rust can be catastrophic, as witnessed in 2012 when an epidemic struck Central American crops, causing over $1 billion of damage in just two years.

Honduran Coffee

Coffee from Honduras tends to be characterised by flavours of ginger, peach, chocolate and cane sugar. It is the sixth-largest coffee producing country in the world, and Leaf Rust has the power to cripple, or even wipe out their coffee business.

Having taken steps within the last decade to try to minimise the risk of leaf rust, in 2017 it was found that 50% of the coffee regions in Honduras had again been infected. 95% of the country’s coffee producers are smallholder farms, which is positive in that it makes leaf rust easier to control. However, these farmers are also the most vulnerable, because often they will not have the finances needed to control the outbreak.

This is where projects such as Recuperando mi Cafetal (RMC) come in. RMC was established in two areas in Honduras — in Lempira, supporting 70 coffee producers, and in Santa Barbara, supporting 50 coffee producers. As part of the programme, the coffee farmers are taught about vegetable nutrition, pests, diseases, and management, as well as about the preparation of biofertilisers. The primary goal of RMC is recovery. Recovering the farmer’s livelihoods and their family heritage.

Our ethos, which forms the backbone of everything we do, is ‘Coffee with a Conscience’. Since Java Republic was founded in 1999, we recognised that as a business we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment and to support the local and wider community. Throughout the years, our team has gone further than anyone else to meet the people who are behind every cup of coffee. Our Origin Trips are about meeting the coffee farmers, getting to know them, supporting them and building long-lasting relationships. Our Honduras single origin blend is part of our continued support for the people who make every cup of coffee possible.

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