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Java Republic Gears Up for the Launch of Galway 2020, as Official Coffee and Tea Partner

The Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture Opening Ceremony

The Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture Opening Ceremony is set to take place 8 February, as Ireland’s premier supplier of hot beverages, Java Republic will be getting ready for this spectacular year as Galway 2020’s official coffee and tea partner. The exciting year-long programme of events will kick off following the opening ceremony, and Java Republic’s premium coffee and 100% organic tea will be available at various Galway 2020 events, celebrating the very best of Galway’s cultural offering.

As the official coffee and tea partner, Java Republic is very much looking forward to the Opening Ceremony of Galway 2020, as the city and county begins its year as European Capital of Culture. The Galway 2020 partnership will be largely supported by the Java Republic Galway team, which has been expanding in recent years to adjust for increased demands. Based in Westlink Commercial Park, the Java Republic Galway team services close to 200 accounts, stretching from Limerick to Donegal.

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Galway’s year as European Capital of Culture is a great opportunity to showcase this extraordinary place to a wider audience through the work of an amazing array of local and international artists and producers. The programme has been built around the central themes of landscape, language and migration and we look forward to seeing projects unfold over the year. Java Republic’s own ethos and commitment to partner innovation is one of the many reasons they are the perfect coffee and tea partner to this international celebration of culture.

“The kick-off to Galway 2020 is sure to be a sensational occasion, and as the official coffee and tea partner, the team at Java Republic has been highly anticipating for the opening ceremony for months,” said Grace O’Shaughnessy, Managing Director of Java Republic.

“It’s an especially exciting feat for our team in Galway, who will be specifically supporting this partnership throughout 2020. Supporting our local communities as well as Ireland’s economy is something that has always been of the greatest importance to the Java Republic team, so we’re honoured to be able to showcase our local brand to the whole of Europe at Galway 2020.”